Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hi my names Angela and I'm addicted to skincare!

It started with my hands.
After getting engaged and with so much attention being given to my newly blinged hand I really started to notice my hands and nails! "Dan, have you ever noticed how small my hands are?" "No, not really Ange" "They are actually the size of a small child's" "Well you can't stretch them" "I need to moisturise them more!" "Ange, no matter how much you moisturise them they are not going to grow!!" "I'm not stupid Daniel, I know that, but at least they will stop looking so know - dry!"

So I invested in some (a lot) of handcreams and religiously started applying them on the hour and every hour. Needless to say Dan noticed "Ange, if you keep buying all these handcreams theres going to be no money left to pay for the wedding" (I was feeling particularly irritable on this particular occasion) "Daniel, do you really want to marry someone with old haggard witch hands?" ...he backed off and left me to my handcream search!

After many trials and many bottles later I have narrowed my selection down to two creams! I am totally in love with all Soap and Glory products (available in all Boots) the packaging is gorgeous so it looks great in my bathroom and the smells are good enough to eat! Their hand food is my booster cream, it feels amazing on my hands and instantly hydrates them, but I have found it takes a little while to soak in and a greasy mouse/keyboard at work is one of my pet hates, so I just use it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. My during the day cream is a little find from waitrose on a handcream emergency! It's by Umi and it's acacia and pomegranate and it smells amazing, it's much lighter then the Soap and Glory hand food, so it is perfect for during the day.

My obsession has now moved to my face!! Even though we still have over a year and half to go I am determined to achieve that blushing bride look now! After a lot of research and spurned on by the appearance of the biggest spot I have ever had move onto my face (so big was said spot he deserved a name -Fred) I made the trip to Boots.

Now as I have said I love soap and glory, so when I read about their hot cloth wash I had to try it. At £10 a tube it's really well priced, and no where near the price of the Liz Earle vs Eve Lom products. I am still to jump on the Earle vs Lom debate bandwagon, so do let me know if any of you lovelies have tried either.

Anyway, I have been using my new face wash with associated moisturiser and eye cream for a week now and so far so good! My skin is looking better and Fred moved out after a couple of days once I started using Dr Spot- actual product name guys!! I found it hilarious so had to buy it!

Hands, face and eye beauty routine sorted- my obsession moves on to my hair!!

Thanks for taking the time to read and feel free to comment, share etc.

Ange xx

PS. Soz I missed last weeks post guys, it was a very busy weekend of playing and then coaching netball and them a very busy week of making my save the date cards- still can't show you them yet as I forgot to order envelopes and Dan still has to write his 'must have guest list'.


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