Thursday, 21 June 2012

Friends past and present, but oh so important

So, I know I have been a bit quiet lately- well very quiet! But I have good reason, two in fact! Currently I am sat in the car making the very long journey home from one of my closest friends wedding and while nursing my hangover and preparing myself to take over the driving from Daniel, I have found myself thinking about friendship.

This year, I have been lucky enough to be invited to two of my friends weddings. The first W-Day we were invited to was for one of my oldest friends. We went to primary and secondary school together, played netball together, but sadly lost touch during sixth form and uni. Luckily though when we both moved back to our home town, we found ourselves playing for our old netball club and our friendship continued as if we had never lost touch. The second wedding of the year was for one of my friends I met at uni. We ended up being incredibly close and this closeness remained despite the pesky 500 odd miles that separate us!

I feel incredibly privileged to have been a part of both my friends special days and the fact that I have been a part of these days has truly touched me. It may well be the alcohol that is still in my system, but I feel a tad emotional at the fact that no matter the period of time or distance that can separate friends, on big life occasions it is the people that have had a positive impact on your life that you turn to to support you and celebrate with you.

I suppose what I am trying to say to both my friends is thank you! Thank you for involving me in your bigs days and congratulations! I wish you all the happiness in the world with your new husbands and I will always be here for you no matter what!

My advice to anyone reading this, appreciate your friends old and new, make that phone call to the person you may have lost touch with that you miss and most of all make sure you make time to just chat and laugh with your friends. Life and work can sometimes be all consuming and I in particular can be very guilty of this, but always remember it was your friends that picked you up after a bad break up, your friends that held your hair back when you had too much to drink and its your friends that are honest and supportive of you no matter what. And that will continue no matter what happens in life!

Ange xx

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