Sunday, 19 February 2012

C'mon Interweb - Inspire me!

Ok so the date and venue are set and it suddenly starts to dawn on me that I have a wedding to plan - like actually have to start planning my own wedding! I guess in some respects I am like every girl out there that has dreamt about their wedding, but that is as far as my dreaming went. I have always wanted a 'Wedding Day', with all my friends and family there, but I have by no means seriously contemplated the finer details involved and my God is it daunting!

At this point I turn to the Internet for inspiration and looked at wedding website after wedding website and after a while I start to feel like a wedding spy I have seen that many "Real Weddings". I decide to stop there and try to clear my head of all the different themes and ribbons and cakes and dresses and stationary items that have filled every crevice of my brain. "I know, I need to a notebook". I like to write lists for myself, I'm not obsessive about them, but I often find they help me focus and prioritise. Unfortunately, when I go to buy my notebook I get distracted and buy a pile of glossy wedding magazines (along with my notebook) and then proceed to spend hours looking through them and not focusing my self like I should have been doing.

Anyway back to my inspiration...I start to think about what Dan and I are like as a couple - he is very outdoorsy and enjoys nature, I am not outdoorsy in fact my idea of camping is a self catering cottage in the middle of nowhere, but I like to think I am quite creative and I enjoy a good arts a craft project. So I decide I would like to 'make and do' as much as a I can for our wedding...I want our wedding to feel and look effortlessy elegant, yet simple and relaxed. Now that I knew how I wanted our wedding to feel and look I could look at different wedding websites and identify which ones suited me and our wedding. My absolute fav and the one I have started to check religiously is Rock my Wedding ( The website is full of inspiration, amazing diy ideas and loads of hints and tips to make your day  well your day! A couple of others that I love are The Natural Wedding Company ( and the Wedding of my Dreams ( 

My advice to anyone about to embark on planning their wedding - set the theme/feel/look of your wedding before turning to the internet! It will save you hours of time, confusion and ideas overload!

Next up..the world of wedding stationary!

Thanks for taking the time to read, please feel free to comment or share.

Ange xx

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  1. I look back to when I was planning my wedding, and realise how simple life was without the internet!! x